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e. someone who has been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver the family is forever without a family member. It would be difficult to enter court if another incident occurred and to use as a defense that you knew of a record for a violent crime but allowed them to serve among the vulnerable sector because they show signs that they have changed. This stipulation is not ours but has come as a strong mandate from both the insurance companies and legal counsel we sought. You would not be protected as an organization if you chose this defense. Who do we believe?The development, preparation and publication of our recommendations have been undertaken with great care and been well researched. We have had numerous conversations with employment labour lawyers, criminal lawyers, insurance companies and the RCMP in Ottawa. Your responsibility is to screen your volunteers and staff. However, we recommend that for your protection that you retain the documentation so that you can demonstrate in a court of law that you did screen your volunteers and staff and that the criminal record check came back clear. In a court of law, if you are able to produce the documentation, you will be in a better position than if you just produce a file with a checkbox that the criminal record check was verified. The lawyers we have spoken to recommend that you do retain permanently the original criminal record check with the candidates permission to secure it.

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Absence requests are not guaranteed and should be submitted to the appropriate Core Clerkship Director or PEP Director for consideration no later than four weeks prior to the start of the rotation. Students are expected to participate in all activities of the clerkship. Absence requests of a non emergency nature should be directed to the appropriate Core Clerkship Director or PEP Director for consideration no later than four weeks prior to the start of the rotation. All absences will be submitted centrally through the Time Off request form. Students are asked to complete the Time Off request form to make their formal request with submission to the selected departmental director of which they seeking to be excused from in either the Core or PEP. All absences will be reported to and monitored by the Office of Student Affairs and the Year Three Director. Students with multiple absences will be discussed at the Year 3 Student Progress Subcommittee Y3 SPS. The Y3 SPS will make recommendations regarding student support actions and remediation for those with multiple absences that will be sent to the SIU School of Medicine Student Progress Committee as needed. Report all absences / time off request via the link on the Y3 Webpage/forms. ttendance is required at all scheduled course activities unless specifically designated as optional. Ample time has been built into the elective year to allow you to arrange interviews for residency programs without interfering with your elective course work.

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