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Review alternative actions. Go over with Johnny the different actions he could have taken, such as ignoring the remark or reporting it to a teacher. Explain the building policy as it applies to the situation. Remind Johnny of the building policy of not fighting and that the rule is if anyone hits another student, he or she will be sent to the office and possibly be suspended from school. Let the student know that all students are treated the same. Make sure that Johnny understands that all students must adhere to the policy and that any student who disregards the rule will suffer the consequences. Invoke an immediate and meaningful consequence. Communicate with the office about what happened and send Johnny to the office. Let the student know you are disappointed that you have to invoke a consequence to his or her action. Tell Johnny that you are disappointed that his actions have led to this situation. Communicate an expectation that the student will do better in the future.

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Boren wanted to recreate that tradition in OU with the Clarke Anderson room, Tontz said. The room was finished in 1999, and the first leadership table was created, complete with the names of dozens of student leaders. Tontz said that for the past 20 years, a new group of students has carved their names onto a table each year, and a photo of all the signers is featured above each table. I hope that its meaningful to them and that they can come back throughout many times in their life, maybe with their life partner, maybe with their children or their grandchildren and be able to find their name and reflect back on their time here, Tontz said. Connor Sharp, computer science senior, signed the 2019 Leadership Table for his involvement in Camp Crimson. He remembers sitting at the leadership tables with his friends when he first came to OU but never imagined having the opportunity to sign one himself. I was definitely beaming with pride about it, Sharp said. I was able to go tell my friends, You know those tables we sat at I actually got to sign that. Sharp said the tables help showcase the fact that the things that happen on OUs campus are often student led and that any involvement on campus can be meaningful to the community. Its inspiring to realize that things built around you on campus are built by other students that have come before you, and you have the same opportunity to do that, Sharp said. Names of students are also featured on plaques along the Scholars Walk on the South Oval.

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The difference is of course, that all of this information is fictional. A distinction between simple and complex structures is the third element. Both books would be considered complex structures, with a variety of resources used to share information in both books. The Discovery of Dragons is organized by the four types of dragons that inhabit the Earth, whereas Dragonology is organized by different aspects of dragons, in general. This element doesnt help our analysis in distinguishing between fictional and expository texts. Complexity can be part of both expository or narrative texts. The degree of complexity does not necessarily determine its genre or truth value. The fourth and fifth elements are the amounts of narrative and expository writing used in a particular text. In my analysis, Dragonology contained virtually no narrative text. The only narrative text offered is a letter from the "author" Ernest Drake, enclosed in an envelope attached to the front endpages. In this letter, Ernest, in 1904, writes a letter to "whom it may concern" describing the various studies of dragons across history, and what the reader will encounter in the upcoming pages.

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In my clinical skills evaluation exams, the picture wasnt much different. Adrenaline was high. Patients were of all different kinds. Angry, sad, seductive, talkative and so on. The one I still remember was a patient who kept pacing the room rapidly talking none stop and at the end left the room!Patients who ask stupid questions like scratch marks. Angry patients who takes time to calm them down. I always wished to know a quick way to deal with such difficult patients. My physical examination was all over the room, not well organized. Takes time, slow patients, and again forgot things to check or looking after the patients comfort like sliding the bed. I remember once I was so nervous that I used the tooth pick to assess touch sensation which hurt the patient she moaned. I apologized, but still looked nervous and dont know how to do the test.

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