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Newcomer, P. E. Van den Steen, G. Opdenakker, H. R. Monroe, Z.
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USDOT/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of Advanced Vehicle Safety Research, NVS 331Voevodsky, J. 1974. Evaluation of a deceleration warning light for reducing rear end automobile collisions. Journal of Applied Psychology, 59, 270 273. American Psychological Association, May 28, 2003 1. 2 Causes approx. It may seem natural to attribute the prevalence of rear end collisions to factors such as poor road conditions, poor traffic signal design, poor road alignment and excessive speed. Studies have shown, however, that more than 80% of all rear end collisions are due primarily to human related factors, such as driver inattention, external distractions, following too closely, and poor judgment. Furthermore, approximately 94% of reported rear end crashes occur on straight roads, suggesting that visibility problems or curves are not to be blamed IVHS VI, 1994. To design effective countermeasures for rear end collisions, therefore, it is necessary to understand in detail human factors issues related to the behavioral, attentional, perceptual, and psychomotor aspects of driver performance. One of the most extensive studies to determine the cause of rear end collisions was the Indiana Tri Level Study, which determined that direct driver errors were the definite or probable cause of crash causation in 93% of crashes Treat, Trumbas, McDonald, Shinar, Hume, Mayer,Stansifer and Catellan, 1979.

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engage in unauthorized framing of or linking to the Service; 7. 4. 10. interfere with, disrupt, or create an undue burden on the Service or the networks or services connected to the Service; 7. 4. 11. 2016 10:57 From some time to now ICM is producing very interesting models from the Wehrmacht that were not available in plastic before; the Stoewer Kfz. 1 and 2, the Ford 3000s, the Mercedes G7 and the Henschel 33D1, a very typical truck from the WWII period. By Mario Covalski | 01. 18. 2016 12:56 I needed over a year to get one to build and when I had it in my hands, there were several articles and WIP in forums about its construction.

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Both take a lot of time and practice to master. Both consist of many tools that are individually simple. Learning how and when to use them is the complex part. Norman writes, Whether something is complicated is in the mind of the beholder. Looking at a workbench of tools or a digital photo editing program, a novice sees complexity. A professional sees a range of different tools, each of which is simple to use. They know when to use each to make a process easier. Having fewer options would make their life more complex, not simpler, because they wouldnt be able to break what they need to do down into individually simple steps. A professionals experience honed conceptual model helps them navigate a wide range of tools. Complexity is necessary because it gives us the functionality we need. A useful framework for understanding this is Teslers law of the conservation of complexity, which states:The total complexity of a system is a constant.

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