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The easiest way is to build a circular seat around an existing tree. This technique not only protects people from weather, but also helps the tree whose roots are not trampled by passers by. These types of resting places can be found under tree canopies in Berlin, Munich, Strasbourg and many other cities. A design code successfully solves a variety of issues by using simple and unobtrusive tools. For example, if the level of the roadway near a tram stop is raised just a little, as is done in Vienna, there will be fewer victims of accidents. Dedicated lanes and a convenient network of bicycle paths is the key to reducing the number of cars. It is enough, as in Hamburg, to attach bags for dog excrement to tree trunks, and the streets will be much cleaner. And if special boxes for old clothes are put along the road, people will be happy to leave things in them for the homeless. One of the most important accessories in the streets of any city is the waste bin, without which it would be impossible to talk about comfort. In Germany, for example, most of the dumpsters in courtyards are separated for different types of waste. And they are closed with a tight lid to avoid smells.

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Again using the graph explain how the situation changes when, given the same increase in output, firms are in the long run. Q5. What is minimum efficient scale?What is likely to happen in the long run to firms that do not reach minimum efficient scale?Q6. State the law of diminishing marginal returns. Explain why the marginal cost of production must increase if the marginal product of a variable resource is decreasingQ7. Watch the following video clip Costs of prisons and answer the following questions. Why do you think the government worries about increasing number of prisoners?Explain your answer. b. Identify 2 fixed costs and 2 variable costs. What is the advantage of increasing the number of prisoners per prison?c. Identify 2 explicit costs and 2 implicit costs.

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