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2011 08. 09. 2011. ET conf pdfs/PhotosNET2011/net2011 abstract booklet. pdfAn integrative literature review of student retention in programmes of nursing and midwifery education: why do students stay?Cameron J, Roxburgh M, Taylor J and Lauder W 2011 An integrative literature review of student retention in programmes of nursing and midwifery education: why do students stay?. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20 9 10, pp.

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Obedience of orders from their superiors shall not exonerate those who carry them out from being held liable for them. Article 160. Persons wishing to have a career in the armed forces or police force shall not be discriminated against for admittance. The law shall stipulate the specific requirements for those cases where special skills, knowledge or capabilities are required. Members of the Armed Forces and the National Police Force shall be subject to specific laws governing their rights and obligations and subject to their system of advancement and promotions based on merit and gender equity criteria. Their job security and professional development shall be guaranteed. The members of the Armed Forces and the National Police Force can only be deprived of their ranks, pensions, decorations and commendations for causes set forth in these laws and cannot make use of privileges stemming from their ranks over the rights of persons. The members of the Armed Forces and the National Police Force shall be judged by the bodies of the Judicial Branch of Government; in the case of crimes committed in the framework of their specific mission, they shall be judged by specialized military and police courts, belonging to the same above mentioned Judicial Branch. Breach of the rules of discipline shall be judged by the competent organizations provided for by law. Article 161. Civic military service is voluntary.

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