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Authenticity: More than 2500 + articles, 8000 + authors from 1800 + institutes have been published in IJERD and all have awarded their M. Tech/ Ph. D degree. 5. Indexing: IJERD is indexed in google scholar no. 1 in viewership in the world, Academia. edu more than 1 m viewership worldwide, Citations Index among very indexing which have Article level matrix system. IJERD believe to index only in the top indexing where it matters. 6. Time Bounded Review: As IJERD has paid indexing board unlike to other journals, so IJERD provides detailed report within 7 days after blind peer review process. Christopher L.

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But why have they not reached out to the hundreds of supporters who COULD offer their time or skill which would greatly benefit the site?where did that page go that listed everyebody who donated i think i donated money to you guy s acouple of years ago but im not certainIt would be nice if all the selfish whining people went away and stopped demanding more content from the good folk at Damn Interesting. DI owes you nothing. Stop whining like spoiled brat kids. How about showing some appreciation for the free content youve had for so long, and getting off the Bellows backs?Theyll get around to publishing more content when it suits them, and not when a bunch of whiny tell them to. Kee rist. If I was a Bellows brother, Id be sorely tempted to throw in the towel after reading some of the garbage demanding more content.

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When playing the lottery there is a chance that one could loose just as there is a possibility of winning?Winning the lottery may not be a guarantee but youll never know until you actually play. The premiere jackpot took place on Friday 13th February, 1994. This was for the amount of 15 million Euros. The highest amount was over 115,000,000. It was presented by Camelot in the United Kingdom, Francaise des Jeux in France and the Loterias y Apuestas des Estad in Spain. Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom are the 9 countries involved in Euro Millions.

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Therefore, when Imeet somebody for the first time they gain a sense of authenticity. Currently, unless youre a stay at home mom or work from home dad, the odds of you serving yourself up with a hearty, healthy meal is less than winning the lottery. Choice A. An apple a day. Seriously grab a piece of fruit: an apple, orange, pear, or bag of berries AND a bag of raw nuts: almonds, pecans, or walnuts. Go with raw nuts if possible to prevent the polyunsaturated fats from oxidizing as can happen in roasted nuts. But even roasted nuts are a better option compared to cereals or bagels. Supercharge: blend those fruits and nuts with my Dynamic Duo Classic and Innergize to get the best, tasting and simple prepping supply of vitamins, nurtrients, and more; which means a healthy energy lift, plus more PRODUCTIVE hours in the day, and a better quality of life. Time is precious and so is YOUR health. Choice B. Another great option for a healthy breakfast is two hard boiled eggs and veggie sticks.

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Expert witnesses have extensive knowledge and experience in a specific field. Industry professionals are typically called as experts. Although they typically have degrees in their fields, witnesses without higher education in the field may qualify for service if they have extensive experience. Expert witnesses analyze case data and use scientific processes to develop their opinions. They also present complicated information in a way that nonexperts can understand it. For example, a banking witness may present banking regulations and practices to jurors without any banking knowledge in a way that they understand them. Legal professionals often need expert witnesses to analyze data and provide opinions on Making a career out of a creative hobby has never been more accessible, but it still isnt easy. Heres what you need to know in order to get your dream job. In order to make money off of your creations, you have to be sure that others wont be able to take credit for your hard work, and that means youll need to get them Start by searching People often try to profit off of the creative work of others, so dont let it happen to you. In order to profit off of your creative ventures, youll need to establish yourself. Luckily, this has never been easier thanks to social media platforms Sometimes accidents have a lasting effect.

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