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Jones tells harrowing talesof Christians flocking to and frolicking at the verified 4,400 lynchings ofblacks that took place between 1877 and 1950. Often they gathered up"souvenirs" of severed and burnt fingers, ears, and noses and sometimes a before going to their Christian church or after leaving a Christian churchservice. Dr. Jones provides the gruesome details of thelynching of a Georgian, Samuel Thomas Wilkes, on the third Sunday after Easterin 1899. Wilkes admitted to killing prominent white planter, Alfred Cranford,but only after an argument led to Cranford pulling a gun. His story didn'tmatch the many sensational news reports accusing him of burying a hatchet inunsuspecting Cranford's head, throwing his child to the floor and raping hiswife. What's a respectable lynching in the South without the obligatory fabricationof a of some innocent white Southern woman?. Special trains were running to take church goers tothe lynching. Conductors shouted: "Special train to Newman!All aboard for theburning!" At the lynch site, Wilkes "was stripped naked, andchain was wrapped around his body from neck to foot, locked around his chest,and attached to a tree, Tree limbs and railroad ties were laid at his feet, andyoung boys scavenged for additional brush to add to the pyre. Before the firewas lit, Wilkes was tortured for a half hour. His ears were cut off, hisfingers removed one by one, and his severed with each held up forthe approval of the cheering crowd.

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Simon Snyder to Associate Judge of Crawford County in 1817, which he served for 14 years until his death, June 3, 1831. These three sheets are plain paper, all hand written and detailing court costs. Callender and Co. , Callenders Memorandum Book 1877, with every other page containing advertising, recipes for dyeing cloth, or local 1877 Meadville, Pa. information such as Crawford County Officers, Representatives in Congress and the State Legislature rates of postage 3 cents per half ounce, Value of Foreign Money 1877. Softcover, 32 pages, published by Callendar and Co.

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"Engendered Nature/Denatured History. " Identity and Interdisciplinarity Conference on Women, University of Delaware, 1994. "Feminism, Realism, and Regionalism. " Modern Language Association, 1993. "Utopian Fiction: The Social Function of Fantasy. " University of Maryland Center for Political Leadership, 1993. "Feminism, Utopia and the Politics of Subjectivity: Creation in Whose Image," European Association for American Studies, Spain, 1992. "Utopia The Mother: Power, Desire and Integrated Space. " British American Studies Association, England, 1990. "Utopian History/Dystopian Narrative: The Relationship Between Utopian Fictions and Utopian Communities. " American Studies Association, 1989.

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Its a way we see ourselves. Its an armor of sorts not protecting us from the police, although it would look even more crazy for them assaulting and murdering black men in suits or dressed to the nines, it protects our own minds and perceptions of the media, of others, and sometimes even of ourselves. And the functioning of how those pictures are speaking to us when we look in the mirror transforms the way others experience us, we demand that respect and the powers that be have no choice but to adhere to our power. Does this mean you cant wear urban apparel, hell no, but we must understand its communication and the context with which we are promoting it. So that even if were in a tee shirt, jeans, sneakers and a fitted, it looks like our best and that we are putting our best foot forward. Good article I indeed noticed the trend of many brothas wearing suits, the poltical/survival/war aspect of it never occurred to me. Its sad, because its just one more day to day survival tactic that wont put a dent in the overall situation. Funny enough, Ive recently developed an increased for streetwear. Love hoodies and timbs, snapbacks, tees with urban designs, and sneakers. cant wait for fall. I disagree The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Leader of the Nation of Islam or Black Muslims in America insisted the male members wear suits, A white shirt and bowties whenever in public.

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