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Maryville College student Kelsey Birch sits behind a new plexiglass barrier in Professor Drew Crains classroom, one of many changes on campus to protect against the spread of COVID 19. Plexiglass divides student work areas on a lab table in Maryville College's Sutton Science Center to protect against the possible spread of the coronavirus. Gena Lustig, left, shows off her guitar to Jamie Nixdorf and John Miller in Maureen Ladd's physics class at West High School on Tuesday. Richmond Paschall talks about the process of making electric guitars in Maureen Ladds physics class at West High School on Tuesday. Some of the tools and pieces needed to make an electric guitar on display in Maureen Ladd's physics class at West High School on Tuesday. Joe Knee painted his name on his Union Jack decorated guitar in Maureen Ladds physics class at West High School on Tuesday.

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Semester credits: 2. Content: Preparation and delivery of a seminar with accompanying abstract and bibliography. The seminar focus is either on a relevant topic in the chemical literature or, for students pursuing senior and honors research, on the thesis proposal. Prerequisites: None. Restrictions: Senior standing required. Usually offered: Annually, fall and spring semester. Semester credits: 1. Content: Modern concepts of inorganic and transition metal chemistry with emphasis on bonding, structure, thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanisms, and periodic and family relationships. Atomic structure, theories of bonding, symmetry, molecular shapes point groups, crystal geometries, acid base theories, survey of familiar elements, boron hydrides, solid state materials, nomenclature, crystal field theory, molecular orbital theory, isomerism, geometries, magnetic and optical phenomena, spectra, synthetic methods, organometallic compounds, cage structures, clusters, lanthanides, actinides. Prerequisites: CHEM 320. Restrictions: Sophomore standing required.

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Of course theyll blame the chemo because its never the fault of the alternative cures themselves. of course, the majority of these alternative cures dont do anything on a biological level, so the disease just takes its natural course. This is really sad. I clearly recall when she was first diagnosed and the controversy that ensued when she was forcibly treated. My view at the time was that, while intended to save her life, the actions of the State of Connecticut went way too far. Both her and her mother were opposed to chemotherapy, and it seemed at the time that Cassandra understood that refusing treatment would lead to her eventual death from HL and, while she was just under 18, she seemed to understand what the consequences of refusing treatment would be. I didnt hear that she thought that alternative treatments would cure her cancer until she relapsed, and by that point, she was an adult. The other thing is that, when the state steps in and forces treatment, it makes us that is, proponents of science based medicine look bad in the eyes of some, and it probably gives the cancer quacks more fuel to rail against chemotherapy. Certainly most people would feel uncomfortable with a 17 year old with cancer being taken from her home and family by child services, forcibly treated with chemotherapy, and not be allowed to have contact with her family during that period. Ultimately, the question is do the ends justify the means?, and in this case I would have to say that they did not. In cases where the child is younger, I would say yes, but with a 17 year old, I just cant say that they do.

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Richmond, Virginia, the former Confederate capital, which boasts majestic Rebel statues, is in a constant public debate about its tainted Civil War heritage. Selma, Alabama, where an attack on peaceful marchers became a flashpoint in the civil rights movement, has a commemoration every year that regularly attracts sitting presidents. But Tulsas massacre happened in a time that we dont talk about, when black independence and white resentment collided in an especially violent way. It upends the history lessons that Americans pass down that black people were passive victims from the slave ships to the I Have a Dream speech, that white violence was the unique dogma of church bombing extremists. Black Wall Street scrambles the accepted timeline so much that its easier to forget the place ever existed. So in Tulsa and elsewhere, it endures as a hazy myth, a vague memory that flickers in and out of the national consciousness.

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