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The BCFE provides 90% of what you need to know to successfully complete the almost seven month CFCE process. The BCFE Course has optional evening computer labs for those requiring additional hands on time. Students who go on to undertake the CFCE certification process are provided a coach to help them with the peer review problem sets. IACIS Specialist classes provide a more in depth study of particular forensic topics. The IACIS Windows Forensic Examiner and Mobile Device Forensics classes are preparation classes for our Certified Advanced Windows Forensic Examiner CAWFE and Certified Mobile Device Examiner CMDE certifications. The cost of the certifications is included in the course fee.

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Is the the sky a father and the earth a mother, and are not alllivingthings with feet or wings or roots their children?" BlackElk Speaks, 1932, p. 2"Air and East: the Air image in Wicca seems to be masculine and relates to Herne, the Black Man, the messenger of the Gods, or the Sky Gods: Odin, or Lugh as the rising Sun God. The God can be imagined as riding through the night sky, at the head of the Wild Hunt, or rising above the branches of the world ash. Instead of the Sword given to Raphael, the God might carry a staff, spear or wand, which is attributed to Air in most Wiccan traditions. Fire and South: the Fire image is definitely masculine and relates to the Horned God: Cernunnos, Lucifer, call Him what you will. He stands in the hot light of the noonday sun, radiating fiery energy.

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NOTE: Students with course content related questions i. e. assignment or test questions, grading policy, deadlines, etc. should contact their instructor. The Distance and Online Learning Help Desk is available during our regular Monday Friday, 8 a. m. with a prayer to honor the Mother of Jesus to start off the discussion. Soup and salad will be served and reservations can be made by calling 440 236 5095. Tickets are five dollars or a donation of three canned goods benefitting Second Harvest Food Bank will be accepted for entry. Playing music can have a lot of different benefits, sometimes more so for students. I feel as if music gives students a voice to express themselves creatively, said Lorain County Community College music professor, Mark Wainwright.

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In addition to the Book of the Dead and the ancient Wisdom of Ptah hotep,various other Egyptian texts were used in compiling the Old Testament. These include the Pyramid Texts and the Coffin Texts,from which references to the Egyptian gods were simply transposed to relate to the Hebrew god Jehovah. In Bloodline of the Holy Grail it was related that the modern style of Christianity,which evolved from the Roman Church in the 4th century,was actually a created hybrid a religion based on themes from numerous others including,of course, Judaism. Now it transpires that Judaism itself was no less of a hybrid in the early days,being a composite of Egyptian, Canaanite and Mesopotamian traditions,with the stories, hymns, prayers and ritualsof the various and sundry gods brought together and related toa newly contrived One God concept. What is particularly interesting is that, historically,this was not fully contrived in the time of Abraham,nor even in the later time of Moses. It did not happen until the 6th century BC, when tens of thousandsof Israelites were held captive by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Until that time,the Hebrew and Israelite records referred to any number of gods and goddesses by individual names, and under a general plural classification of the Elohim. Through some 500 years from the Captivity,the scriptures existed only as a series of quite separate writings and it was not until after the time of Jesus that these were collated into a single volume. Jesus would himself never have heard of the Old Testament or the Bible,but the scriptures to which he had access included many books that were not selected for the compilation that we know today. Strangely though,some of these are still mentioned in the modern Bible text as being important to the original culture, including the enigmatic book of Jasher. Jasher was the Egyptian born son of Caleb;he was brother in law to the first Israelite judge Othneil and an uncle of Bezaleel the Master Craftsman, as well as being the appointed staff bearer to Moses.

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"Lesser beings" and natureitself does not, in this view, share such "dignity. " The ecologicalmoralist, on the contrary, is more inclined to view humanity not atthe center of the moral universe but as an ingredient thoughpresumably a necessary ingredient in the realm of morality,particularly as morality pertains to responsibility to nature. b Reductive Analysis. We are accustomed, through ourscholarly traditions, to move from secure knowledge to insecureconjecture. We do so by acquiring our knowledge in bite sized piecesand accumulating this knowledge piece by piece until a whole emergesout of the parts. From such a tradition, it is easy to conclude thatin order to understand something or to solve a problem, we must firstidentify the parts and then their rules of combination. The approachof identifying the parts in order to comprehend the whole is called"reductive analysis. " The ecological point of view reverses thisapproach. The ecologist suggests: "grasp the whole think like amountain and then the whole will explain the parts" Holism. Butbeware!An incautious insistence upon holism and an aversion toanalysis can also limit our understanding. An astute historian orphilosopher of science will acknowledge a need for a dynamic balancebetween the apprehension and application of parts and whole inscientific theory and practice.

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