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The transition back into the school setting and the physical classroom face to face with teachers also requires our attention and support for students to successfully adjust. This is a focus of the college and we ask that if there is anything students or families need from us to ensure this transition is as successful as it can be please let us know. The series of annual surveys from the Department of Education and Training are scheduled for completion this Term. Shortly you will receive information about the Attitude to School Survey for students and Parent Opinion Survey for parents. Both surveys are designed to allow for student voice and agency and parent voice with respect to all facets of school and student learning. The data collected on the surveys provides the Department of Education and individual schools with information that shapes future school support funding, school student programs, intervention supports and guide other system wide and school specific strategic planning. We welcome and value the input of both our students and parent community. Mr Phil Honeywell, PrincipalMr James Murphy, Assistant PrincipalMr Scott McLeod, Assistant Principal The school came alive this week with all students returning onsite. And wasnt it great to see and be part of. Whilst perhaps we cant be definitive in saying it was great to see all those happy faces on the return as they were hidden by masks!we all certainly could feel the high level of student excitement and enthusiasm that was present in classrooms and around the college grounds. Classrooms were noisy.

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By its name, people think it is an alarm application just like an option on every mobile phone. This looks like a simple application but it is very useful. An excellent example of this application is Alarmy. It is very useful for students to make their schedule specially hostilities who have problems waking up early in the morning. This special alarm clock will not stop until the task given by the application is not completed. For example, it will force you to go to the washroom and take snaps of different items to stop the alarm. It is so irritating but the result achieved by it is worth it. This application is very helpful for students who have to read a lot of things. When we have to study a lot of literature then some time it becomes difficult for our eyes to read and it also affects our eyesight. In this case, the Audiobook helps the users. In these type of applications, you just have to find the book and play the audio and listen to it.

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Retrieved November 29, 2012 from esbitt. pdfYordi, Bonni. Learning and Social Change: The formal and the hidden curriculum. Innovative Higher Education, SUMMER 1980, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp 260 273. Retrieved November 29, 2012 from BF01079733?2008 Reprint. Principles and Methods of Teaching. Mandaluyong City: National Book Store. Hi Ma'am Bernadette!Cha Cha here!Three thumbs up to this!Basically, I think I said the same thing in my initial comment, as well. All this talk about hidden curriculum leads me back to the truth that, more than a profession or a career, teaching is really a calling. Our task transcends the four corners of the room, into the hearts and minds of our students. I guess thats why we care enough to talk about what works and what doesnt, what makes them better people, etc.

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