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Again, let's resort to the grid method, because works so well. If you are already getting bored with it, note that every one of these problems introduces a new twist. This one is that Mrs. Muddled is confusing us with statements with the word "unless" in it. How do we mark that in a grid?First, let's set up the grid. Okay to start, we are told that the youngest may be either Alice or Bill. How can we use that information?Well, we can deduce that Carl cannot the youngest, so we can cross off that cell:Next we are told that if Carl isn't the youngest which he's not the Alice is the oldest. So Alice must be the oldest and we can fill in that box:Now we can fill in the rest of the first column and first row because no one else can be oldest and Alice cannot be anything but oldest:This is a classic in creative thinking. Many problems are set up to get you to expect one thing and then shock you be having the obvious be false. At first we think that two fathers and two sons means four people. But each caught a fish and yet only three fish were caught.

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Client Appreciation and Recognition: put on a barbecue at a local park or even a big back yard. Make sure your clients bring at least one or two business friends. Have a short ceremony handing out certificates, small prizes anything to give recognition and appreciation to those that support you. Offer Free Services: If you have a business thats targeting the general population such as a restaurant, coffee shop, flower shop, etc. , offer samples free meal, drinks, roses to other business folks. The key is to target people that see a lot of customers in a day and have an opportunity to talk to their clients at length. Think hair stylists and barbers. Who wouldnt to talk about a great freebie they just got, especially if its nearby?Free E Book: Write a short e book that answers all the troubling questions your clients have and offer it on your website. If you can compile enough information, use the free version as an enticement for a longer in depth e book that you can charge for. Blog Targeting: Got a lively blog that relates to your business or expertise?You should!If not, get one. If you do, strike up a deal with local internet cafes to make your blog the home page in exchange for free advertising on your blog.

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C. , McKay, L. J. , and Paratore, J. R. 1995. Keeping flexible groups flexible: Grouping options. Flexible grouping for literacy in the elementary grades, 25 41. Schunk, D. H. 1990.

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If you are proceeding to your final year in October 2020, this means that, if you dont pass the module in January, then you will not be able to graduate in July 2021 if you have not met the eligibility criteria for an honours degree. Any decisions involving trailing and carrying failed modules should not be taken lightly and you are strongly advised to discuss this with your Department or SU Advice before making your decision. You are responsible for checking with your department as to whether the syllabus or assessment for the modules youll be reassessed for are due to change next year. If there are any changes, your department will be able to confirm whether youll be reassessed on the old or new syllabus. If you need to resit any exam, a member of the Exams Office will be in touch with you by email so please make sure you check your Essex email regularly. We will aim to publish the exam resit timetable by 27 November 2020 but if you havent heard from the Exams Office by this date, please email us at . ukPlease note that where reassessment is by exam in January 2021, the exam will be delivered online as Alternative Reassessment. If you need to submit coursework, your department will contact you by email with further details about what you will need to do, including your submission deadline. If you do not receive this email, please contact your department in the first instance and if, for any reason, you do not get a response, please email . uk. Please note that the deadline you are given will be the final deadline and there will not be any extension beyond this time; however, if youre unable to submit coursework on time, University rules about the late submission of coursework will apply.

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