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In recent years, labor boards and courts have sided with terminated employees more and more by awarding punitive damages or requiring payment of compensation in cases where termination grounds were unclear. The number of terminated employees who seek judicial relief is clearly on the rise, due in part to the impact of well publicized sums of money awarded, job reinstatements with retroactive pay, etc. Written evidence is the only material acceptable to labor boards and the courts. You can't afford to rely on your memory. A hazy recall of the facts or reasons for dismissal will tip the scales toward the employee in almost any case where cause for termination is questionable. It's worth your time to seek the help of a competent attorney familiar with labor laws in your state.

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The worse the author owns the material, the harder it is for him to express histhoughts briefly. In this situation, the same recipe will help as in thecompilation of theses based on materials of another author given in thepenultimate paragraph of the Introduction. The mostcommon situation of the second type is when first writing theses, which theauthor eventually expands to the size of the article. This is precisely whatthe authors of the theses of reports submitted to scientific conferences do. In scientific studies, this is a normal situation. First comes the idea that you want to write. The record will be brief, sincethere is nothing to write besides it. Then I want to make this idea public and the author sits down to write theses, which he then sends to theconference. In order to make the idea understandable to the reader, it isnecessary to argue it, introduce the reader to the problem, state other aspectsof the work. The initial description of all these aspects is as short as the descriptionof the idea itself. All text fits on 1 2 pages theses are ready.

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Instead of answering every customer question that'se mailed to you, publish " Frequently Ask Questions" inautoresponder format. This will save time and money. 6. You could publish your testimonials or endorsementsin autoresponder format if you don't have the room inyour ad copy. It's more effective to include all of them. 7. Guaranteeing the full exercise of the rights of persons with disabilities. Abandonment of these persons is punishable by law and any action leading to any kind of abuse, inhuman and degrading treatment and discrimination because of their disability shall be punishable by law. Article 49. The persons and families who provide care to persons with disabilities and who require permanent attention shall be covered by the Social Security and shall receive periodic training to improve the quality of care. Article 50.

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