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Also local schools have utilized the course for tournaments, and cross country meets. He also shared how one of the greatest influences it has on the community was the travelers, or people staying in Southfork he felt it brought to Monte Vista. He said a lot of the time they will come play golf and then stay and eat dinner at local restaurants, buy their groceries or get gas. The golf is a destination for them, but they do the other things when they come here, explained Mellott. They were asked what they felt was standing in their way of becoming a successful, profitable, sustainable business. They shared how golf in general is suffering and is not as big a moneymaker as it used to be as an industry.

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President Ronald Reagan went to Eureka College IL and President Chester Arthur graduated from Union College NY. Famous Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas attended Modesto Junior College CA and Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau went to Yale. Late night talk show host Jay Leno attended Emerson College MA. The point Im trying to make is that the name on your college diploma is not what defines your lifetime success. In fact, in his book, Harvard Schmarvard, Washington Post columnist Jay Matthews refers to a study that succinctly makes this very point. The study examined two groups of college educated workers.

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5" x 15. 25"; Place Mat with Serrated Sides 12" x 17"; Place Mat with Oval Sides 10" x 19". Collection of Christina Risatti. 3. Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Placemat, contemporary 17" x 11. 75"; an official Disney product; machine made in China of 100% vinyl for Jay Franco and Sons, Inc. New York, New York. 1. Anonymous, Buddhist Singing Bowl, date unknown 3. 75" x 6. 75" x 7"; made of hand hammered brass so that, when lightly struck near the rim, it will sing, serving as an accompaniment to remembrances of ancestors.

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We, the writers, dont know that much either. Its important not to be seduced by hubris, or pride in our knowledge or positions. If you think you know it all, youll write an essay or blog that exposes your arrogant, absolutist point of view. And youll fail to construct a sound argument. And fail to persuade your audience. So analyze your opinions. Tear apart your thesis. Rip into yourself as if youre the opposition. Why do you believe your thesis is correct?Have you considered the opposite thesis?Why do you have your ideas and opinions?Where did they come from?Do you believe them simply because theyre yours and youre comfortable with them?Is there a socio economic or otherwise vested interest in arguing your thesis?Really probe your own underlying assumptions, beliefs, and values. Examine your reasoning. Look for flaws in your own logic and gaps in your evidence.

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There are studies that refute the position of the conservatives and assert that teachers unions have a positive effect on student achievement. These include work done by researchers Brian Powell, Lala Carr Steelman and Robert Carini, Do Teacher Unions Hinder Educational Performance?Lessons learned from State SAT and ACT Scores, published in the Harvard Educational Review Winter 2000, as well as Teachers Unions and Collective Bargaining Agreements: Roadblocks to Student Achievement and Teacher Quality or Educational Imperatives? The study concludes that excluding teachers from policy making is dangerous because teachers have vital experience and knowledge and should play a prominent role in policy making. Teachers are also essential advocates for their students because their needs are bound up with the needs of their students to the extent that concessions for teachers benefit students and enhance teacher quality and student achievement. Many argue that, regardless of the number of studies pro or con on the teachers union/student achievement question, it is difficult to draw more than correlational relationships, not causal ones, on the issues. They argue that student demographics, state spending and other policies, as well as the economic status of the states are more important drivers of student achievement. What can be concluded looking at NAEP, ACT and SAT scores state by state, though, is that teacher unionization does not guarantee low student achievement and a lack of unionization does not guarantee high achievement. Teacher unionization does allow for teachers to have a stronger voice in professional matters and also allows them to secure their influence in the political field. State education funding per student tends to be higher in unionized, higher achieving states. The self styled reformers frequently use international test scores to emphasize that U. S. economic competitiveness is being sacrificed to the self interest of adult educators and the unions that represent them.

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