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9% of households when the 2020 census ended two weeks ago because census takers were pressured to falsify data as the statistical agency cut corners and slashed standards, according to an amended lawsuit from advocacy groups and locaATLANTA AP Just days before the presidential election, millions of mail ballots have yet to be returned in key battleground states, and election officials warn that time is running out for voters who want to avoid a polling place on Election Day. TECATE, Calif. AP Edgar Alexis Lopez looks well rested in photos he took before crossing the border illegally in mountains east of San Diego, flashing a wide grin in clean jeans. Lake Charles Charter Academy and Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy staff and teachers will receive a $70,000 donation from The Giving Tree F Read morePort of Lake Charles board members have approved for two groups to work together on a strategic plan designed to help the port stay competitiv Read moreSeveral more schools will soon reopen within the Calcasieu Parish School Board. Leblanc Middle School, Sam Houston High School, Sulphur High S Read moreHarris, J. 2005. Kohlberg and Hidden Curriculum in Moral Education: An Opportunity for Students Acquisition of Moral Values in the New Turkish Primary Education Curriculum. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, Volume 5, Issue 2, 329 338. Link: ear Olive, your experience of being terrorized in school is so common to us who were schooled by a generation of teachers who believed that learning is best achieved with the rod I guess Maam Shin agrees with me. Terrorism in schools now has taken new forms teachers have ceased to be TORMENTORS and are taking on more of the roles of a MENTOR, facilitating learning and transforming negative emotions of students into constructive attitudes Hello classmates and Maam Shin, I hope that you all are enjoying our long weekend, so far!Here are a few of my thoughts on the above post:In addition to any academic organizations declared mission vision statement of institutional curriculum, commensurate precedence should likewise be given to the hidden curriculum. As stated by the above comments, areas that manifest hidden curricula include the schools organizational structure, textbooks, school activities, etc.

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If you find yourself struggling with this a lot, this emotion picture may be able to help you. It lists the five levels a problem can potentially be on, starting with the most serious and moving towards the least serious. Level 5: Emergency Tornado, fire, danger, serious injuryPotential emotions: Enraged, terrified, hysterical, angryLevel 3: Medium Problem Minor accident, being disrespected, feeling sickPotential emotions: Worried, frustrating, exhausted, hurtLevel 2: Little Problem Forgetting homework, lost supplies, cant decide what to doPotential emotions: Unhappy, disappointed, annoyed, embarrassedLevel 1: Glitch Losing a game, not getting the supply you want, being latePotential emotions: Okay, content, fine, calmUse this handy guide to help children or yourself!to identify where the problem is, and decide how to best respond to the situation. This final image would be perfect for very young children, as it is based on a concept that is very easy to understand: a traffic light. Help the small children in your life determine the difference between Green emotions like happiness, contentment, and feeling at peace; Yellow emotions like boredom, irritation, and sadness, and; Red emotions like anger, grief, and shame. Explain that we all experience a wide range of emotions, and its okay to feel however they feel. However, it is best for them if they figure out how to keep their emotions within Green and sometimes Yellow while limiting the time they spend in Red. Tell them there are many ways to do this. This can be an excellent lead in for mindfulness practice or any other emotion regulation skill development!This piece first described emotion regulation, then emotion dysregulation, and then explored the ways in which you can move towards the former from the latter. I hope you found this information enlightening and useful, and I hope you get some good use out of the resources collected here. Have you ever worked on your emotion regulation skills?What techniques did you use?Would you use any of these techniques?Let us know in the comments section below.

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The ability of the adult to look upon the world with wonder is thus a technique and an essential instrument in the work of the poet, the artist or the creative thinker. Ibid. : 27The artificial medium and the mediated stimulus it sends to the senses curtail this sense of wonder. Instead of experiencing the world in wonder, the child is experiencing the virtual world where the alleged wonder is mediated, misleading, and masks the true imaginary universe with the ready made and mediated one. The chief value of play in child development lies in the childs total control over their imaginary universe, free from external constraints an accomplishment that is simply not possible in the mediated virtual world. Piaget 1962: 87 argued that nlike objective thought, which seeks to adapt itself to the requirements of external reality, imaginative play is a symbolic transposition which subjects things to the childs activity, without rules or limitations.

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Some states will require you to file a tax return even when you are living abroad, and this is determined by a critical component: is the taxpayer intent on returning?Every state has a different ruling regarding temporary and permanent places of abode. These rulings will determine whether or not you are still considered a resident, and therefore, must file. California, New Mexico, North Carolina, and New York are all states that will most likely require tax for expats, so youll have to file a state tax return. Not everyone will have their benefits taxed, but you are still required to claim any social security benefits as income on your US tax for expats. The general rule for whether or not these benefits are subject to tax is based on your other income. If you have other income, your benefits will be taxed, but only 85% can be considered taxable income. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is intended to prevent US taxpayer from hiding additional money in offshore accounts and assets. Form 8938 should be filed if any income or financial asset exceeds the filing threshold which is determined by filing status and residency on your tax for expats. These days, the speciousness of offshore asset protection, the anxiety with which one may consider their merits and drawbacks, as well as the frequency of these considerations all appear to be coextensive. In the wake of the Paradise Papers and the Panama Papers scandals, many are understandably whether justifiability is moot anxiety ridden and up in arms over the potential legal and ethical implications of protecting their assets. While, indeed, there are some instances where offshore financing strays past the threshold of legality, there are many more instances where investing in the security and maintenance of ones hard earned assets, liquid and locked, is perfectly legalnot to mention socially accepted, expected, and time tested.

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