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Common Insecticide May Harm Boys Brains More Than Girls, by Brett Israel, Environmental Health News. In boys, exposure to chlorpyrifos in the was associated with lower scores on short term memory tests compared with girls exposed to similar amounts. U. S. Right to Know is an investigative public health group working globally to expose corporate wrongdoing and government failures that threaten the integrity of our food system, our environment and our health. You can donate here to our investigations and sign up for our weekly newsletter. Covid 19 is exposing serious problems with our food system. In this post, U. S. Right to Know is tracking important food news news related to the coronavirus pandemic. To receive weekly updates and breaking news from the USRTK investigations, please sign up for our newsletter.

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With every mental image, every longing, every coherent idea, we are radiating a very subtle, but extremely powerful, field of energy which influences our environment. A young monkey frisks in a tree, leaping from branch to branch, never still for a moment. It sees, at the top of the tree, a glint of ripe fruit and up it leaps, hands and feet clasping the tree trunk, his tail curved and waving. It seizes the fruit, plucks it and takes an enormous bite. Its mouthful still unchewed, another fruit catches its eyes. It dashes off towards the new enticement, disregarding the fruit he has just plucked and swallowing down in a hurry whatever is there in his mouth. Soon, there is a heap of half chewed fruit. Our restlessness is an inherent part of our nature. An object loses its charm as soon as we are able to acquire it. Our attention then is diverted towards another. In the process we are unable to enjoy either of them.

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com, music improves listening and learning abilities, and improves focus and updates memory. Further, med. stanford. edu says that music stimulates both sides of the brain for more efficient learning. In the final analysis, articlesbase. com also mentions that music improves clarity and creativity. Under those circumstances, listening to music must be tolerated in classrooms. In order for this to happen, students need to create petitions, ask parents to write letters or send e mails to the principal of your school. For the most part, students and parents should have a conference with their principal. Music is a big part of childrens lives; based on mlive. com, adolescents listen to music almost 21 hours per week.

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At Black hokes I always try to do something a little different every now and then, the image below certainly qualifies. All I did was download Paint. net processing software, in the program under effects there is something called "Polar Inversion" clicked on it, and it transformed one of my Lunar Venus image into something , well very different, lots of Moons, lots of Venuses and lots of trees. good enough for mes. Another positive, I was just reading on Universe Today, an excellent site, I highly recommend you subscribe to them, about the Obama administration going ahead with Bush's plan to put a man on the Moon by 2020. A pleasant surprise indeed, who knows they may still be in the race for the Moon. I'll leave you with a clip I put together of 70 images, real time 10 minutes. Courtesy of Planetary Mechanics, the celestial pairing of the Moon and Venus setting in the west, a beautiful orange combo. Bob,Beautiful pictures my friend!I had a really nice view of the conjunction myself especially in the dust hours when it seemed they were closest. Awesome stuff. JesseYou got earthshine!The clouds kept me from getting any, dangit!The best I got was a dim outline of the moon's shadow side.

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